About me

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Hello my name is Jacob Gresham.

I have many hobbies that I do to pass by time.  Two of my favorite hobbies are watching anime and playing video games.  For the video game I mostly been playing League of Legends and for the anime I just watch any anime that is good.  Some of my favorite anime are Elfen Lied, School days, Hellsing, Higurashi, ect, ect. Warrning these shows are not for children so be carefull on watching them. The only other thing I can think of is reading. My favorite book series so far the the wheel of time.


This video is about the technique of rotoscoping. It is where you get a video and draw over it. It is a long and painful process which is why it isn’t used as much today. I only got like 3 seconds done because of this. However I think it would of turned out amazing if given like and extra 2 weeks to work on it.

Stop motion project

Stop motion video that me and my group mate made. I am really confident in it and have to say that it is probably the best in the class in my opinion. It wasn’t to hard just time consuming. One of the funnest projects you can do in animation, and if you are teamed up with friends you can create some really great projects.

Sack Drop

For this video I had to practice the motion a sack half full would make when it falls off a high shelf and hits the floor. This project was a lot harder than the other falling projects because I don’t know how to draw a sack 😦 . I think I kind of got the hang of making a sack fall realistically but I think the falling brick and the falling leaf were alot better than this one. Either way I hope you enjoy it. Please continue to have fun watching my videos.

Falling Leaf

This is my falling leaf project.  I made it to practice on how to make it look like a leaf is falling.  It was a bit difficult to get the timing of the speed of the leaf correct.  But after a few tries I managed to accomplish it.  This project was fast and fun to do.  This is my first project where I had to account wind into the situation.  My guess is there will be more project where wind will be a major factor in the animation.


This is a short haiku animation I made for animation. We had a short deadline so the quality of it isn’t good but I still put hard work into it. We had to go and make up a haiku and make an animation video going with it. My haiku is. (Note!! I did not create this haiku and it doesn’t belong to me. I just used it for this project).
The Mighty Hunter
Returns with gifts of plump birds
Your foot just squashed one

Kinetic Typography

This project was to train us in the basics of After Effects. The project was to choose one of our favorite songs and to go and put the lyrics of the song on with effects to make it more entertaining. This project was enjoyable and simple. Although I did have problems trying to make the 3D camera work properly. The song I chose is The Wolf Whistling Song which is a really great song.

Brick Drop

This is my brick drop project. We are supposed to make a brick teeter then fall off from a high ground then have it brake to pieces when it hit the floor. I think I did this project fairly well but there were a few hard parts. One of them is the anticipation of the brick falling. It takes careful timing and precision to give the viewer the anticipation that the brick is going to fall. Other than that part I think I did really good.